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About Dermatology

We will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis.

A benefit of seeing anexpert dermatologist is the assurance of an accurate diagnosis. Skin conditions can range from relatively harmless to life-threatening so they should not be neglected. Even if you believe that what you have is an ordinary redness or skin irritation, it is better to have it checked by us because our dermatologists can prescribe the right screening tests and procedures to arrive at the right diagnosis.

You will receive also quality care. One of the many benefits of seeing a dermatologist at Singapore Dermatologist Experts is that you will receive quality medical care. Expert Dermatologists go through years of continuing education and training, and pass qualifying exams to ensure that we are capable of providing patients with the best medical care possible and allay any fears and nagging concerns.

We will prescribe the proper treatment for your skin condition.

Expert Dermatologists like us specialise in the treatment of a wide range of skin, hair, and nail conditions. If you are suffering from severe acne, we can prescribe the right topical or oral medications. Remember, acne is fairly common and is not life threatening but it can leave permanent scars and affect your self-esteem in the long term.

If you want to lessen the appearance of your wrinkles and sunspots, our dermatologists can prescribe the most effective creams and the most advanced treatments for that. No matter what your skin’s condition may be, rest assured that we know how to address your concerns. Due to the advancements in technology, we can even perform aesthetic procedures to make you look even better!

Benefits of seeing us at Singapore Dermatologist Experts

We all suffer from skin, hair, and nail conditions – occasional acne, dermatitis, signs of ageing, brittle nails, dry hair, and fungal infections, just to name a few. These problems are relatively common and would normally not warrant a visit to the doctor. However, other skin conditions can be alarming and cause us to panic, necessitating a visit to an expert dermatologist.

For the uninitiated, a dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, and nail conditions. A board-certified dermatologist underwent extensive training on how to address thousands of documented acute and chronic conditions affecting the skin, nails, hair, scalp, and mucous membranes.

Seeing a dermatologist like us regularly presents a string of benefits. Whether you are suffering from a mild case of acne, a debilitating skin rash, or excessive hair fall, it is important to pay your dermatologist a visit regularly.

  • Skin Disorders

    Even though there are many skin disorders, cures to almost all have them have been found and are available. Here are a few disorders that a dermatologist can treat.

    Vitiligo- Vitiligo is a disease in which the patches of skin loses their color and turn white. Sometimes the patches happen to be on the scalp and make the hair turn white. A dermatologist can prescribe you the best medicine to improve your condition.

    Seborrheic Eczema- Yellow or white scaly patches form on the skin that flake off. Itchy red and oily skin mostly appear like a rash. This is also known as the skin asthma and should be treated as soon as the symptoms start showing.

    Acne- one of the most common skin condition. Red bumps appear on the skin especially on the face that is pus filled and painful. They can be found in different sizes and can be treated easily by a dermatologist.

    Skin Cancer- Dermatologic surgeons are specialized in diagnosis and removal of skin cancer. From Mohs, Micrographic surgery to biopsy and preventive laser therapy of precancerous growth dermatologist can effectively detect and treat skin cancer.

  • Beauty Enhancements

    There are some techniques that are used to enhance the facial beauty of a person, some of which are surgical treatments and some are nonsurgical. Cosmetic dermatology and is becoming increasingly popular among women men who want to look younger or fitter and more attractive. If you have wrinkles or your facial skin is damaged dermatologists provide you with treatments like Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion, Face Lifts and skin rejuvenation.

    For the body, there are procedures to reduce the fat like liposuction in which the fat under the skin is melted and then extracted out of the body to make you look thin. Apart from this, there are many procedures that help in lifting up the sagging body parts. There are some injectables like lip fillers and Botox that are used to make the skin look taut. Scars, stretch marks, and tattoos can also be removed by laser or surgical treatments. All the dermatologic surgeons are capable of performing these treatments efficiently.

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Even though this is a rarely known fact but most of the sexually transmitted diseases are treated by dermatologists. The most common ones are:

    Herpes- Herpes produces painful sores in the mouth and the genitals. Herpes virus never leaves the body, but the dermatologist can give you the medication to control and suppress it.

    Syphilis- Syphilis causes large open sores in the mouth or on the lips. If untreated it can cause rashes all over your body. Medicines and antibiotic injections are used to cure this disease.

    Genital Warts- This disease is triggered by HPV i.e., Human Papilloma Virus. The symptoms include small skin colored bumps on the genital areas. Some strains of HPV can also cause cervical cancer. Hence, it needs to be treated immediately.

    Chlamydia- This is one of the most common STDs causing pain during urination, vaginal discharge, and genital inflammation. This infection is highly contagious so it can also spread to the eyes and if not timely treated can cause blindness.

    Any sexually transmitted disease that affects the skin can be fully diagnosed and treated by a dermatologist. In most of the cases, one dose of antibiotics is enough to remove the parasite completely.

  • Allergy Testing

    Allergy testing is done by the dermatologist to find out the possible substances that might be triggering your allergic responses. There are three main techniques namely blood test, skin patch test, and the skin prick test. These tests are enough to determine the cause of your skin disease and to find a suitable treatment for them.

Services offered by Singapore Dermatologists

Our experts can answer all your questions about your skin conditions. One of the benefits of seeing an expert dermatologist for consultation is that you will be able to find the answers to your skin care questions.

Our dermatologists are knowledgeable in all facets of skin, hair, and nail care, so he or she will be able to provide you, not only with answers but also with useful information on how to take better care of your skin as well. Through his or her medical advice, you will understand your medical condition and learn how to help improve your skin’s appearance and health.